Dewi Baby Bib Our Fundraising Gift
Dewi Baby Bib Our Fundraising Gift

Dewi Baby Bib Our Fundraising Gift

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Every baby needs a Dwti Dewi Bib!                     

All profits from the sale of this lush bib go to Noah's Ark & Latch charities.

Dwti Dewi is our fundraising Dragon he's available to order now on our website,

If you buy Dwti Dewi & this lush bib together they make a beautiful gift also we donate the bib postage to the charities too, so you will have donated even more!!

Thank you!

He is raising much-needed funds for these two charities Noah's Ark & Latch, 

The bib has

'Feed me till I want no more' 

but we can print just for you! 

Please email any requests



(We have a big event in June taking place in Mid Wales 'Lled Y Cymru')

More news on the event to follow

Due in 6th March

Shwmae folks

My name is Dewi and I am a dragon                                             
But of course you all knew that already didn’t you?  

I live in a rather fetching castle nestled between the mountains of Crug Hywel and the river of the

Usk valley in a pretty town called Crickhowell in Wales.

Crickhowell is a magical place mainly because many years ago I was entrusted with looking

after the town and the humans who live there.

It has recently come to my attention that in 2020 two of my young humans were diagnosed with

leukaemia, it is my understanding that this is a form of cancer and that cancer is a very nasty thing.

It’s so awful to hear that these two special young humans have to endure such cruel treatments

to help them get well again, what a cruel world.


Thankfully, their families are having much needed Support from two wonderful charities

Latch and Noah’s Ark but the only problem is these charities are in desperate need of money

because of the events of the last year.

Well as you can imagine the townsfolk are devastated and have been trying to think of

some small ways of helping.

And this is where I come back into the story...

With the help of my human contact Mrs Lush and the band of Merry makers we have created

Dwti Dewi the mini me. Isn’t he gorgeous?


So friends thank you for adopting this Dwti Dewi  to help my special humans.

The humans of Crickhowell have planned lots of fundraising activities including sending

poor Julie Cashell on a 52-mile run From Anchor (on the welsh boarder), up and over the welsh hills and down though the valleys to finish on the beach in Borth


Event is  ‘Lled Y Cymru’26th June 2021


FIFTY TWO miles mind!!!

       jiw jiw she’s going be knackered.

But fear not Mr V will be accompanying Julie

on his bike!

Well, someone has to carry the welsh cakes!!



So folks,

diolch yn fawr iwan thank you for buying or gifting a

Dwti Dewi you have helped support many young Humans and their families. 



Diolch pawb xxx