Gwen Bogwyn Rugby Ready

Gwen Bogwyn Rugby Ready

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Rugby Ready Gwen Bogwyn                            (THIS IS NOT A TOY)

Our lovely Gwen is dressed up in the Welsh colours, with the famous Welsh dragon on her jersey and the just as famous welsh daffodil pinned to her hat. The Bogwyn seamstress has fashioned her outfit from brightly coloured felt and brushed cotton - they really are a wiz with a needle and cotton. Gwen is rather partial to a bit of hair dye so if you would like her with brunette or blonde plaits please let us know.

Gwen is a bit of a character in the Bogwyn community and loves to keep us all in good spirits.

Cymru am byth

Mrs R, the Bogwyn seamstress has advised that due to the result of saturdays game there’s a bit of a backlog of orders from Gwyn & Gwen. They are off to new homes and refuse to leave until their new outfits are ready. She is busy stitching as we speak and says she is hopeful to have The Bogwyns dressed in their finery in 7-10 days (hopefully sooner)

Our Story

You might have heard of the Swedish Tomtes or the Norwegian Nisse, well here is our collection of the little heard of Welsh clan of gnomes known as the Bogwyns.

Discovered on the Gower Peninsular in 2020 the Bogwyns are looking for Big Folk to take care of. They are not very big, measuring approximately 40cm from the tip of their hats to their toes. They come with their very own little handbook which gives a snapshot of Bogwyn history. I am told that "WenWe" (the first Bogwyn to be discovered) is a bit of a story teller so I think there will be more tales to come soon. Many of the Bogwyns like to dress in traditional Welsh wool fabrics but of course the younger Bogwyns are rebelling and becomig rather funky much to the elders distaste. The one thing all Bogwyn agree on is Rugby and when Wales play they come together to celebrate in their own special way, dressed head to foot in the colours of Wales and sporting daffodils and leeks.

Bogwyns do not like to be played with so please remember Bogwyns are not toys - they are quite happy to sit on their little wooden plinth, watch the world go by and take care of you and your home

Handmade by

Liquorice Felt